Beyond Daycare: Our Programs

Play-Based Learning Programs for Infants, Toddlers, and Pre-Schoolers

Village Babies offers childcare programs designed to accommodate children between the ages of six weeks and five years old. We provide a tailored, age-specific approach to early childhood education, where your child can develop basic social skills while enjoying a fun environment that recognizes and encourages them as individuals.

The teaching model we utilize for our programs is based around play. Your children will learn in large and small groups, indoors and outdoors, cycling through different learning areas (called Centers) throughout the facility. All of our play-based learning activities are either structured or involve free choice. By giving the children freedom of choice, we allow them to develop and show their individuality at their own unique pace.

Infants: 6 weeks to 17 months, class ratio 1:4

Your infant depends on warm and responsive care for healthy development. Infants at Village Babies receive close, personal, and individual attention from caregivers throughout the day. We provide them with a stimulating environment that includes soft toys, colorful books, language, and music. Parents receive a thorough daily report on their baby’s activities, including sleeping, eating and diapering.

Our infant rooms are supervised by Liz Lazration, our on-site Registered Nurse. In addition to assessing daily activities, feedings, and rest schedules, Liz works with parents to plan each infant’s transition into toddler daycare.

Pre-Schoolers: 3 to 5 years, class ratio 1:10

Our pre-schoolers enjoy an early learning environment that helps establish their reading, writing, math, and self-help skills. Monthly themes include creative subjects such as "Harvesting", “Outerspace”, and a  "Colors". Our pre-school groups provide a stimulating curriculum based on play, individual readiness and interests. Each child is recognized and paced as an individual in order to ensure an enjoyable and rewarding pre-school experience, and to prepare them for the transition to kindergarten. Toddlers also have access to our indoor gymnasium with activities taught by Chase, our certified gym teacher.

Toddlers: 18 to 36 months, class ratio 1:6

At Village Babies, we provide your toddler with a fun, interactive, and structured play environment designed to help them develop basic social skills (including potty training). Toddlers enjoy group play while discovering more of the world around them and learning how to interact with it. Our care providers are trained to recognize each child as an individual, and will readily adjust their teaching approach to fit your toddler’s needs. Toddlers also have access to our indoor gymnasium with activities taught by Chase, our certified gym teacher.

Enrichment: Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers

In addition to our normal daily programs, toddlers and pre-schoolers may also choose to participate in our Enrichment Program. Enrichment offers a variety of interesting and fun activities and learning opportunities for the children, including:

  • Language immersion lessons in French, Mandarin, and Spanish, taught through songs and games
  • Piano lessons
  • Soccer
  • Swimming
  • Dance
  • Yoga
  • Field trips to local farms, museums, libraries, etc.

Our system of teaching is centered around freedom of choice, individuality, and play. While our programs are certainly open-ended in nature, our professional caregivers are always present and prepared to teach, inspire, and guide your child through the daily activities.


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