Village Preschool/Pre-K

3-5 year old


The Village Preschool/Pre-K offers the perfect balance of fun and learning. At the end of each day, our Preschool/Pre-K kids leave buzzing with colors, numbers, laughter and ideas.

 Our Preschool/Pre-K classrooms, grouped by age, are overseen by certified early childhood teachers.

 Our teachers champion intentional teaching, a pedagogic style that makes every second of classroom time count. Intentional teaching is an active process that embraces and builds on a child’s strengths.

 Our Preschool/Pre-K curriculum is research based. Children learn through social interaction, creative play, exploration and expression. Because we pace each child as an individual, allowing them freedom of choice, our preschoolers are naturally curious, developing an early love of learning.

 Monthly themes and differentiated learning zones build early reading, writing and math skills preparing them for kindergarten. Children learn in large and small groups, indoors and outdoors, with ample time in our large gymnasium.


Pre-schoolers aged 3-5 years

Special skills:

CPR, First Aid, Bachelor’s Degrees in Early Childhood Education, P-3 Certification and CDA credentials, rocket building, paint splattering

Staff ratios 1:10


A Day in…


After unpacking and signing in, our pre-schoolers participate in an activity of choice. At 9am large group learning starts when language, math, science and social/emotional concepts are explored. And everybody enjoys our nature explorations outside.


We learn to share, listen, empathize and enthuse ‘family style’ by sitting with our friends to eat. There is also time for rest and reflection.



Our afternoons are jam packed with enrichment classes including gym, music, piano, Reggio Emilia art and dance. As well as scaffolding our morning learning, we head outside again.


We wave our children off knowing they have grown just a little more - in confidence and development, and quite often height.